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November 16, 2004 • DAMNATION will NOT be playing the show on November 19th at the Malibu Inn. They changed the show to 21 & up at the last minute. We know most of our fan base wouldn’t even be allowed in so we opted out. We’ll see you all at the next one.

Also, there is merchandise available for sale…t-shirts, hats, stickers, lunch boxes….just in time for Christmas! Stay Evil…

April 24, 2004 • Check out these links to pictures of DAMNATION in Bochum, Germany on 04/14/04.

April 3, 2004 • DAMNATION is en-route to Amsterdam and will be touring Europe through May 4th. Tour schedule is posted on the shows page. Letters & pictures from the band will be posted here so check back often.

February 15, 2004 • Tour dates are posted as well as some in-town dates. Added some full-length mp3’s of some older stuff in the music & lyrics section. Added a link to view the Damnation promo video. Check out ‘The Crypt’ section to see & hear some REALLY old stuff.

February 4, 2004 • We started pre-production on the new Damnation LP. The Greedy Brothers (Blag D and Brad Cook) have signed on to produce again. Although we haven’t titled the album yet, it’s gonna have 11 new tracks and 4 live tracks. People Like You Records will be releasing it this fall. Also, updated the music reviews section with a bunch of stuff.

January 15, 2004 • Happy Evil New Year!! We’ve been slow on the updates but here’s what’s going on. We’ve been busy doing shows with BLOODJUNKIES and working on the new Damnation and Bloodjunkies albums which are scheduled to be released later this year. We’re also getting ready to hit the road in Europe at the end of March and through April. We’ll start posting dates when we get the finalized schedule. Check out the People Like You compilation “Where the Bad Boys Rock”. Both bands have tracks on it! FOX’s extreme sports program, Re: Evolution, has picked up a couple more Damnation tunes for recent episodes. More updates to follow soon…

Merchandise section temporarily closed. Check back at a later date.

May 14, 2003 • Finally an update!! Shows are coming up through the summer so check the shows page. There’s some new stuff in the press section and gallery. The Hot Topic comp, “Punk 101”, is in stores now so go pick one up…includes songs by Damnation, The Damned, The Exploited, Sid Vicious, & lots more! The guys are getting ready for their European tour in September and October with The Forgotten, The Bones, and Mad Sin. We’ll post the dates when the itinerary is finalized. And finally, the first full length release by BLOODJUNKIES called “Maladies” will be available at shows, local record stores, and online on June 21, 2003!

March 7, 2003 • For all those who didn’t make the Troubadour show with BLOODJUNKIES and DAMNATION on March 1st, you missed a kick ass show!! BUT you can redeem yourselves at the next one!! DAMNATION and FEAR at the Key Club on April 5, 2003. The first BLOODJUNKIES album will be out soon so beware!

January 5, 2003 • Happy Evil New Year!! A new interview from Mean St. magazine has been added to the press section. The guys have been busy in the studio recording their first full length release with side project, BLOODJUNKIES, which should be available in late February. Upcoming shows will be posted very soon so check back!

If anyone has any band pictures to contribute to the gallery, just submit them to A photo credit will be included so don’t forget to give your name and where/when the picture was taken.

December 7, 2002 • The press section is updated with a new interview from Skratch Magazine and some new CD reviews. More pictures have been added to the gallery. Cleopatra Records is using DAMNATION’s “Spell On Me” on their new compilation album called “Punk 101”. It will be available at record stores as well as all Hot Topic retail stores in March 2003! Some shows coming up in December by DAMNATION and BLOODJUNKIES so check out the show dates!

November 12, 2002 • The merchandise section is up and running finally!! CD’s and t-shirts are NOW available to order by mail. New items will be added so be sure and check back often.

Side project, BLOODJUNKIES (featuring members of DAMNATION) will be appearing at the Coconut Teaszer in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 16th at 10:00 PM. (18 & Up). You gotta check them out!!

November 6, 2002 • The Unholy Sounds of Damnation is available NOW for purchase at,, and Drunk & Stupid is also available…just do a search on DAMNATION when you go to these websites.

October 9, 2002 • As you can see the website has a whole new evil interface! Tis the season and lots of good things are happening in the DAMNATION camp. So here’s the news…The Unholy Sounds of DAMNATION is available NOW! The band is currently working on a licensing deal with the euro-based record label, People Like You. This version of ‘Unholy Sounds’ will also include a couple of live tracks from the show with the MISFITS at the KeyClub, a cdrom with an interview, and extra pages in the CD booklet. It will be available in 2003 which means the band has a european tour to look forward to next fall! TNN show, RE: Evolution of Sports, used 4 songs from the new album…’What Doesn’t Kill’ & ‘Shut the Hell Up’ in episode 7 called “Gravity” and ‘Fuel Injected Priest’ & ‘Garbage Truck’ in episode 8 called “Propulsion”. It’s pretty cool! DAMNATION has some west coast dates this month so don’t miss them and be sure to pick up the new album!!

The merchandise section will be up and running very soon so check back! All the Street Demons info is currently being organized so for those who have already signed up, you will receive confirmations in the near future. And if you haven’t done so, sign up on the mailing list to stay in the loop!
Always Evil & Happy Halloween….

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