Closer Look Into Free Wi-Fi in SA Airports

As many of you know, one of the best places to relax and surf the web in an airport, while waiting for your next flight, is from your laptop in one of those airline lounges. Access to these lounges, however, are for those frequent flyers who have logged some miles with the airline. Unfortunately, not all of us fly as often as those people.view

One of the good news for us web surfer/casual flyers, however, is that more often than not, these lounges offer Free WiFi access! Thanks to the wireless technology, the WiFi signal easily penetrates the walls of these lounges. I have to confess that I have logged on to these airport lounge hotspots to gain free Internet access at the airport many times.

Ok, even though these airport lounges are springing up in the airports around the world finding them still takes some work. Thanks go to the people at whom make things pretty easy when it comes to locating these airport lounges. The team did a great job cataloging all the lounges at the airports around the world. All you have to do is locate your airport and there the list of the lounges and their location. I bet there is already at least one lounge in your airport!

I used last time to locate a lounge in the new Bangkok International Airport in Thailand for Free Internet access when I found out about my 4 hour layover. Yes, I did find the lounge with the Free WiFi access using the site. I was happily surfing the web and killing time for Free! Kudos to the Cathy Pacific people for providing the Free WiFi signal from their lounge in the Bangkok Airport.

Well, I hope this post will provide you a way to gain some Free WiFi Access already out there at the airports around the world. Now is a good time to remember to start collecting your frequency flyer miles, so you can be enjoying the free Internet while snacking on free food from inside those lounges!