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Auto (car) insurance is a type of insurance coverage for damage to and resulting from an auto. Insurance of this type can cover a variety of things depending on the kind of auto insurance that has been purchased. All auto insurance policies involve a premium, which is the payment a customer makes to have auto insurance. Premiums for auto insurance can be extremely divergent and are determined by a number of factors. Gender is the major determinant for auto insurance premiums. Statistically, men are 80% more likely to be involved in an accident, and therefore have a greater need for insurance. Auto insurance premiums for men are higher than auto insurance premiums for women. Similarly, teenagers are considered high risk and will have to pay higher auto insurance premiums. The auto insurance premium can be reduced if the teenager takes a defensive driving course. Many states require teenagers to take defensive driving courses in order to obtain a driving permit and auto insurance. Absolute Insurance

It is customary for auto insurance plans to have a deductible that the customer is responsible for before the auto insurance provider offers coverage of expenses. Deductibles can have an effect on the coverage available under an auto insurance plan. Auto insurance is slightly different than other types of insurance because you can purchase auto insurance that covers specific needs. For this reason there are different kinds of auto insurance. Auto insurance basics are covered by liability auto insurance plans. Liability auto insurance is usually the minimum required by state laws. Liability auto insurance is characterized by a set dollar amount of coverage for damages resulting from accidents or negligence. The coverage amount of liability auto insurance can be applied to property damaged in the accident that is not an auto.

Car insurance also comes as collision auto insurance. Collision auto insurance is meant to cover the cost of repairs to a vehicle involved in an accident, or the cash value of the vehicle if it cannot be repaired. Comprehensive auto insurance is also available. With comprehensive auto insurance, coverage of fees for repairs is provided for accidents that are not collisions. Comprehensive auto insurance will, for example, cover hail or fire damage. Whatever type of auto/ car insurance you need, Business Health Insurance can help! We have all of the information on auto insurance in your state

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What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance?
Mortgage Protection Insurance is simply a Life Insurance policy taken out on the life of the borrowers of the property to cover the balance of the loan, should one of the borrowers die during the term of the mortgage. This is more important than ever in today’s economy where both incomes in a family are generally needed to run the household. It is even more important if the household is able to make it on a single income and the other person does not work.Absolute Insurance

In more cases than not, Mortgage Protection Insurance is a plan where no medical exam is required and has a Cash-Back Option. A professional agent will generally structure a plan to allow you to pay your home off 5, 10 or even 15 years early! This would in effect save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Many people today are using some sort of early acceleration method – either by-weekly or sending in extra money to principal – in an attempt to pay the home off early, already. By simply diverting the current money already been spent to accelerate the mortgage, to a Mortgage Protection Plan, the borrowers can now accomplish two things at once without spending any additional money: 1) Ensure the family is protected in the event of an untimely death; and 2) Accelerate the mortgage.

Do I Need Mortgage Protection Insurance?
This is a very simple question to answer. If your death would create a financial burden on your loved ones and they would no longer be able to live in the family home, then the answer is “YES!”. Many families are already underinsured and quite frankly do not want to discuss or plan for an unexpected death. This however, is the worst possible thing to do. Any type of Life Insurance that either builds cash value or comes with, what is known in the industry as a Return of Premium option, should not be viewed as an expense, but an investment. Anything that is put in place to make sure your loved ones are protected, whether you are here are not, is the most important thing that you could possibly do.

I Have Employer Sponsored Life Insurance. Do I Need Mortgage Protection?
Absolutely! Insurance provided at work is very inexpensive. But if you think about it, you are entrusting your most valuable asset, the most important people in the world to you, to something that costs between $8 to $10 a month. This is not a sound financial solution that you should expect to be there should your death occur.

I Have Life Insurance. Do I Need Mortgage Protection?
Absolutely! Your current Life Insurance policy, generally was taken out to replace your income for a certain period of time. If that policy is used to take care of the mortgage, how will your children go to college?; Who will pay for your daughter’s wedding?; How will your children’s child care be paid for?; How will your children’s private school be paid for?

All too often, we find that the general mindset of America is quite different from Wealthy. The Wealthy stockpile life insurance to pass wealth on to future generations and do so Tax-Free and ensure their family is taken care of should something unexpected happen! Life Insurance probably has more living benefits than death benefits, but avoiding speaking to a profession will keep you in the dark about what is the most important financial decision you will ever make!